1. Build an online infrastructure:

This starts with a strong website that is positioned well in Google, but also includes claiming your social profiles, leveraging review websites, directory listings such as Google Places, and using photos and video to show in as many places as possible (website, Pinterest, YouTube/Vimeo, blogs, social profiles)

2. Integrate your website with social media.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of socail widgets to get your website intigrated with your social media profiles. It is essential to have visiabilty and ease of access to these profiles from your website if people are going to see the profiles. Likewise, it is important to have your website listed on your social profiles for ease of access to your website. Consistancy on all these profiles is also important to meet customer expectations with recent and consistant information.

3. Get reviews and respond to bad reviews

You can not expect that your fans and customers will simply post a review because they had good service and were happy. You need to ASK THEM and SHOW THEM where to post these profiles. You need to control the converstation, or have a company do this for you. Do it in a timely effective manner. Have a process for how to deal with online complaints. Build Good Reviews to offset the Bad. Monitor trends. How? Comment cards, Check-insMail, email campaigns, staff endorsement, friends/ family

4. Build brand affinity

Brand affinity, appeal or likeness, is that fuzzy feeling you get about some companies you like. Affinity can be created in a number of ways: through your community support, donations or sponsorship; through photos or vide; through social media engaugement; through person to person contact at the business; through similar interests or activities ...

5. Get video and good photos

Video is very engauging, as are high quality photographs of food. Learn 10 reasons why video is great for seo here. Did you know that 85% of people use Video in their search. YouTube is the #2 Search Engine, is owned by Google, indexes very quickly and is one of the top 4 websites globally for traffic

6. Know who you are speaking to

Each medium has its own language, represents a different online market, and presents new opportunities

  • Travellers use tripadvisor
  • Facebook attracts a younger audience, female have higher engagement.
  • Twitter attracts a more educated and savvy user
  • Linked In attracts a business demographic, typically higher income earning.



Online Brand Management


Don’t have time to do all this online stuff?


Let Wikads manage your online image. We control the social forums by flagging and removing blogs that don’t conform to the Blog rules. We employ strategies to bring in more positive reviews, moderate the conversations and make you aware of  any issues areas expressed by customers online. We promote the good reviews and manage any bad reviews.


Do you have postings on scam.com, rippoffreport, or similar sites?


Something Can be done!


Actively pushing your brand website, positive blogs and other sites higher in Google will marginalize the chance of your customers ever seeing such damaging posts online. Depending on your needs and budget, Wikads can solve almost any online reputation problem, protecting your image and future customers.


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